My 3 Tips In Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business is an adventure. It makes you feel excited about your idea but also, it makes you feel afraid because you think that it will fail. I have been reading a lot of business books, watching inspirational videos, learning a lot about starting a startup. But none of these help me on how to execute my idea.

I am not into soliciting any advice here unless somebody is asking for it. Suggesting what to do to others is definitely a case-to-case basis. What worked for me might not work for you, and vice-versa. But hearing and learning success stories of some startups and businesses lead me to think of some ideas that might help you on how to start your own business.

To explain this, let me give you a hint by asking you a personal question. What is your passion? What is it that you do best?  If it’s blogging, then make a blog site. Make it a habit to write at least one article per day. Do that for 3 years probably, and you won’t even notice much that your blog site could be drawing in 100k page views per day.

How do you know what people want? How do you know that your customers will pay for that software product you just built? Show your product to people that you consider as potential customers and ask them feedback about using your product.

Life is full of problems. If you just observe everything around you, you would notice that there is always a better way of doing something better. You could think a lot of different ways of improving something that people want or use.

What really matters is your own way of executing your idea. You have to protect your idea. You should not allow others to tell you that your idea won’t work. Try to do it yourself first and learn from mistakes if it did not work at all. In the end, you will emerge as better educated.

android emulator does not show device

I am currently studying android development in my free time. The problem I encountered is, when I try to do

emulator  @<avd_name>

I just see Segmentation fault on the command line. I typed,

emulator -verbose @<avd_name>

and I see that the last error encountered when output says,

emulator: Initializing hardware OpenGLES emulation support

To fix this problem, try typing,

emulator  -verbose -force-32bit @<avd_name>

My OS is Ubuntu 12.04.5
Android API Level 16

see here for more details:

Just an update

Many things and events happened in my life. Some were really depressing, while others were interesting and worth pursuing.

My father died on march 31, 2014. For more than 4 years, he was suffering from parkingsons disease. Our family was not knowledgeable about the disease, the symptoms, but we knew many people suffer from it.
We were not ready financially to assist our father’s medical needs or equipped with medical tools to help him to remove the pain he was experiencing. But we were there to help him when he lost his ability to walk. We were there to help him take a bath. We were there to pay for his medicines.

2nd update, i was unable to keep up with the daily writing challenge. But this does not mean i lost my interest to return to blogging. In fact, i still had lots of ideas to write about. I just need to organize my thoughts before blogging about it.

3rd update, i have been into a lot of volunteering in projects. But my volunteering had made some setbacks. I just thought that by volunteering, i would gain more knowledge and experience and also find my purpose and passion.
Ever since working in a tech startup, i found it interesting to know more about how to run or start a web startup.
I felt that i belong there. I felt the likeness to become a technopreneur someday. So, i have been doing a lot of web projects, with my siblings, with friends, with former colleagues. Everywhere I go, i see “startups” and then preach about entrepreneurship to young and old people.

That’s all for now for the updates. I hope I will make it up to you when i return to blogging again. Thanks for reading.

How do you overcome a writer’s block?

If you still don’t know, I just joined a writing challenge, and I thought that by joining the challenge I will finally be able to write articles on my blog site. I am supposed to write another article related to my experience in entrepreneurship, but I just experienced a writer’s block. How do you overcome a writer’s block?

One of the tips most blogs that you can find on google is that you could try to write any topic freely, anything else that could be related to your interests or likes but you could also try write anything else out of the blue. Others also say that you should go out of your office, try to find a new environment and get that inspired feeling back to writing. Some say that maybe you are easily distracted by something like reading emails, surfing the web, reading facebook posts of your online friends. Maybe some ‘time-out’ would also work for writers to get the block off the mind. You can go to your friends to talk about it. You can just write about it. You can make an audio recording of your experience on your mobile phone, and listen to it after few days. I found another tip, it says, when you are in the middle of your article or story, make a different twist from what you initially planned and try to elaborate further the issues behind it.

It is not easy to say that a writer’s block can be cured. But there can be a lot of ways to overcome it. If you are open to my suggestions, try taking good and healthy drinks, good food, listen to happy music. maybe watch tv. Go to far places. I would like to try to go to Tagaytay SkyRanch. Find a new place where I can eat breakfast or lunch there.


Benefits of joining the writing challenge

Today is day 2 of our writing challenge. I could say I can already feel the benefits of joining in the writing challenge. Words are just keep coming out of my mind and I could not stop myself to start writing them.

One of the benefits of joining the writing challenge, to me, is that it helps me to be organized with my thoughts very rapidly, and I can write and express myself more properly than before. When I look back at my old articles, I could see the difference how and what words I used to express my ideas and thoughts.

Another benefit is that it gives me inspiration to write any topics related to my interests, my field of specialization, my experiences and crazy what-ifs. Admittedly, I somewhat felt more of the pressure to produce my first article for the challenge, instead of the passion and the inspiration to write. I got myself into thinking why I joined the writing challenge if I will just put myself to the pressure and let other people down.

Actually, writing is also my passion, my hobby. I got into writing poems since I was young, maybe since I was about nine to ten years old. In my high school days, I was inspired by one of Sir Francis Bacon’s essays which is entitled, Of studies. I also once dreamed about writing my own filipino novel just like Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. When I got into college, I was lucky to have sir Efren Abueg as my professor in my filipino subject. He shared to me some pointers on how to write different forms of filipino poems. I learned so much from him, I won’t forget his teachings.

I am glad I joined the challenge. I am glad someone came out to host the challenge. I am glad that he is willing to give time for us, to encourage us to get into writing. Thank you very much.


My Personal Views On Entrepreneurship

[This is a note to myself before I start, this is one of those topics that I wanted to write about entrepreneurship but I couldn’t, maybe because of two things: unable to express myself and my own opinions regarding the topic, and the kind of environment that I am in when I am about to start writing.]

When I decided that I am going into entrepreneurship, I personally didn’t have any clues at all about the struggles and hardships it entails. I personally could also say that to whoever else want to go into business, should also take note of stuffs before going right into starting a business.

If you want to go into business, you have to commit yourself to it one hundred percent full-time. I totally agree on this idea as I asked this to the CEO of an IT company based in California. That you are there for your customers, and you want to serve them well to satisfy their needs and wants.

If you are going to build a product, it should not have to be a great idea. It could sound like a very good idea, but ideas are nothing in my perception. What matters most is the execution.

If you are going to create the product, you should have the knowledge and background on how to build it. Funding on the development of the product will just go down the drain if you can’t even start on building the finish product.

Now, whatever the reason of your decision to go into entrepreneurship, could probably fall into one of these that I know:
1. You want to go into entrepreneurship, because you want to solve the problem of poverty in your circle. To me, that could mean within your family, your friends, your community, etc. You would love to help them to alleviate from suffering.

2. You want to go into entrepreneurship, because you feel it’s your time to shine as an employer and you hated being the person who just follow someone else’s orders.

3. You want to go into entrepreneurship, because you feel you are destined to become an owner of a business. Take note that this is different from the previous item I mentioned above, because, for me, this kind of entrepreneur feels it is a privilege rather than a personal conviction.

Going into business isn’t easy. You should have at least knowledge about building your product, how to market it and make profit. You should also listen to your customers very well on their suggestions and feedback about the product.

Start of Writing Challenge

I just joined a local writing challenge facebook group and I feel excited and eager to get back my blogging rythym. Today is our first day of the challenge.

So, the system is very simple. I need to write an article everyday at least 300 words and the topics should be anything in your field of interest.

I listed down the topics below to share with my readers that I intend to write about while I am part of the challenge.

  1.  Entrepreneurship/startups
  2.  Filipino Chinese Families with Small and Big Businesses in the Philippines
  3.  Short Stories (anything related to love, relationships and drama)
  4.  Leadership and Management
  5.  Working in the graveyard shift
  6.  Counselling
  7.  Chess

I will try to follow them strictly in that order. I hope that my readers will not feel that my blog site will become a spam site, or content site.


web businesses I am currently interested in

I thought that I should share a small list of web sites that I am interested to build.

1. MyExpenseTracker

It is a small web app that helps to track its users’ cash to where it is being spent and notifies whether the user goes over budget.
This app is basically built using Ruby on Rails, with RaphaelJS / HighCharts for graphing, visuals, and presentation.

2. PahiramanOnline

It is an online platform for anyone who wants to rent/borrow anything.
update: I realized there is already an existing app called Rentything.

3. IDescribe

It is a platform that introduces Open Innovation to online filipino community.

4. PinoyDevelopers.Org

It is an online platform to promote online learning related to web development.
I am also thinking if this could convert into open innovation platform for filipino developers.